Consignment FAQs

 The Heat Check is proudly powered by ConsignR

Through our partnership with ConsignR, our platform delivers a special experience to consignors. It facilitates a seller portal in order to manage your inventory, adjust prices, and automatically receive payouts via ACH payments.

1. The consignment rate will be 80/20 split. 80% of the sale goes to the consignee.

2. Payouts will be sent every Monday to the payment method of your choosing.

3. Once a shoe is agreed to be consigned, the consignee will have to pay a 10% fee to take the shoe back within the first 21 days.

4. Prices will have to be agreed upon between the consignee and The Heat Check.

5. All shoes being consigned must have the original box. Anything without, must be approved before being dropped off.

6. If the consignee is not local, shipping expense will be paid by the consignee to send into the store.

7. We do not accept the following items on consignment; All Clothing, All accessories, Nike Basketball (Unless approved), Panda dunks (Men, GS, Women) this includes high tops as well.

8. To keep up with space constraints, we will only allow 2 pairs per size per SKU. If we already have 2 in a size, we will not allow any more to be dropped off. If you are bringing in a new SKU, we will only allow 2 per size to be dropped off.

9. No drop offs/shipments can be brought to the store without approval from the consignment manager. Once you load the items in your portal that you want to drop off, you may send a text (717-723-8336) or email asking for approval.

If you are interested in consigning with us, please reach out to us at to receive your invite link


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