Consignment FAQs


1. The consignment rate will be 80/20 split. 80% of the sale goes to the consignee.

2. When your shoe sells, you have the option of receiving a check or PayPal payment. You will be responsible for the fees if you choose Paypal.

3. Once a shoe is agreed to be consigned, the consignee will have to pay a 10% fee to take the shoe back within the first 21 days.

4. Prices will have to be agreed upon between the consignee and The Heat Check.

5. All shoes being consigned must have the original box.

6. If the consignee is not local, shipping expense will be paid by the consignee to send into our store.

7. Only DS pairs will be offered on our website. This protects us from any type of chargebacks from people saying a worn pair is in worse condition than they thought.

To consign with us, please reach out to us at 
Include a list of sneakers and/or clothing you'd like to cosign at the store.


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