About Us

The Heat CheckOwned by Justin Ashby, known in the sneaker community as Justin Amazing, The Heat Check has been years in the making. Into the sneaker scene for almost 2 decades buying and collecting sneakers Justin began selling sneakers on Ebay and other platforms a little over 12 years ago. It wasn't until a visit to Flight Club in 2005 that changed everything, that visit inspired what is now The Heat Check.

Back then finding Flight Club was no easy task, without mobile GPS as we know it today Justin used Map Quest to get him in the neighborhood. To get to Flight Club on green street, the directions would cut you off on a main street, from there he had to get on the hunt and the first time he saw Flight Club he knew opening a consignment shop was in his future.

Over the next decade or so he continued to sell locally as well as Ebay and through other websites.

He started The Heat Check website in 2011 and began selling on there. Carrying some of the hottest kicks out as well as the most rare PE's (Player Exclusives) and ended up creating a pretty good buzz and being picked up by Complex as a top 15 "Reseller website" to buy from.

On his way to establishing a brick and mortar store front, the original websites was nice because of the minimal overhead and the ability to better prepare for an official store opening. As things progressed the website was changed from a sellers site to a blog that dove into the sneaker culture while the planning got more in depth on the opening of our first store.

Now with 3 stores under his belt which includes Legacy in Willow Grove Mall and Legacy on 34th St in front of the Empire State Building in NYC things continue to get better.

We carry a wide variety of sneakers that includes but not limited to: Jordan Brand, Nike Basketball, SB Dunk, Adidas, Reebok, Samples, PE's and maybe even some high end shoes down the line.

We will be working on an 80/20 consignment rate. We hope to be your one stop shop for buyers and sellers. Thank you and welcome to The Heat Check.